track page views, sessions, users engagement in R with the {googleAnayticsR} R package
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Stats and R has been launched exactly two years ago. Like last year, I think it is a good time to do a review of the past 12 months by sharing some figures about the audience of the blog.

This article is not about showing off my numbers, but rather…

Being a teaching assistant in statistics for students with diverse backgrounds, I have the chance to see what is globally not well understood by students.

I have realized that it is usually not a problem for students to do a specific statistical test when they are told which one to…

Simple and multiple linear regression in R
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Remember that descriptive statistics is a branch of statistics that allows to describe your data at hand. Inferential statistics (with the popular hypothesis tests and confidence intervals) is another branch of statistics that allows to make inferences, that is, to draw conclusions about a population based on a sample. The…

Running pace calculator
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If you are a runner yourself, you are certainly aware of how important preparation is before a race. For the preparation of my first marathon, I used to rely on a training plan.

This running plan was great, but an important information was missing: the running pace. Most of the…

Hypothesis test by hand
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Descriptive versus inferential statistics

Remember that descriptive statistics is the branch of statistics aiming at describing and summarizing a set of data in the best possible manner, that is, by reducing it down to a few meaningful key measures and visualizations — with as little loss of information as possible. In other words, the…

Track the performance of your blog or website in R based on Google Analytics data
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Stats and R has been launched on December 16, 2019. Since the blog is officially one year old today and after having discussed the main benefits of maintaining a technical blog, I thought it would be a good time to share some numbers and thoughts about it.

In this article…

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ANOVA (ANalysis Of VAriance) is a statistical test to determine whether two or more population means are different. In other words, it is used to compare two or more groups to see if they are significantly different.

In practice, however, the:

Why do I have a data science blog? 7 benefits of sharing your code
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My blog was launched in December 2019. Although 9 months of writing is a very short period compared to others, I can already say that it’s been an incredible and very enriching adventure!

With 45 articles published (at the time of writing this article) and topics ranging from descriptive…

Antoine Soetewey

PhD student and teaching assistant in statistics at UCLouvain (Belgium). Interested in statistics and R, author of and

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